How are popes elected? (Episode 50 Special)

Episode 50 · August 26th, 2020 · 23 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

This time around we’re doing a little something different – a topic that’s more foundational to the very papacy itself – to celebrate the 50th episode of The Popecast. It's the only truly secret meeting left on the planet. Where all the red hats gather for a Catholic cage match, and the world waits, holding its breath, for that fateful white smoke.

00:16 - Catholic Balm Co (Sponsor) – Enter the keyword POPE at
03:03 - Defining key terms
06:31 - History of papal elections
11:32 - What happens when the pope dies / resigns?
17:13 - Papal election fun facts
19:06 - Excerpt from Pope St. John Paul II

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