Fr. Harrison Ayre

Special guest

Fr Harrison was born and raised near Vancouver, BC. Having decided that he needed to get out of dodge, he decided to move to Vancouver Island to go to the University of Victoria to study computer science. But computers, it turns out, are boring. In the midst of his third program - philosophy - he had a profound conversion experience which turned his life to focus on Jesus.

He entered seminary in 2008 and was ordained a priest on February 7th, 2015. He is currently Pastor of St. Peter's in Nanaimo, BC. He got his MTh from Newman Theological College and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Theological Anthropology from the Maryvale Institute.

Besides the mountains of books he loves to be surrounded by, Fr. Harrison is an avid Canucks fan and a beer snob. He knows you ought not to judge, but he’s pretty sure God allows him to judge people who drink Bud Light.

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